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Stand Up Comedy Nights are experienced in putting together excellent comedy shows and selecting the right comedians for events - we've worked with hundreds of comedians over the years, from complete newbies, right up to television celebrities.  You can find a comedian for hire or book a whole comedy show with us.

Comedians to hire for your event

We've helped people find the right comedian for hire for every kind of event - Weddings, Corporate Events, Community Centres, Pubs, Hotels, Charity Shows, Army events and many more!


Whether you need to hire a comedian that is suitable for the whole family (including audiences where children are present) or somebody a bit brasher to take control of a rowdy room (or anything in-between) - we have acts that will suit the mood of your event.   


You can see what people have said about our previous events 


We're trusted providers of Comedy for these venues on a regular basis - meaning we get to work with lots of acts all year round and help you choose the best comedians for your event. This also means we can help you find a comedian for hire at a cheaper rate - we work with acts regularly and get the best prices.


Before you book you will be provided with information about the comedian as well as a video clip to help you make sure you hire a comedian that is right for your event.


Simply make an enquiry below - with no obligation to make a booking - and we can get you the comedian for hire that will suit your event perfectly

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Whether you know exactly what you want or if you're not sure, drop us a line and we can help.


You may find it helpful to look at information about the comedians or details of our packages first.


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