Comedy For Corporate Events

Kevin Precious
Kevin Precious


If you are planning a company event and you want some entertainment, we can help.  

  • We can provide a compere to host an awards event or anything from a short comedy set during a conference or meeting, up to a whole evening of comedy.  

We have a wide range of acts to suit any event

  • Comedians with professional backgrounds (teachers, lawyers, sports commentators banking -  pretty much every profession).
  • Visual acts for multi-lingual audiences
  • Or just plain funny acts - regardless of background
  • Anything from upstanding funny acts, to very loud and outrageous acts - whatever suits your audience!

We've worked with lots of businesses to tailor comedy for specific audiences.  We understand that sometimes certain acts would be considered too risqué for some business events and make sure acts are selected to fit in with what's acceptable.


Some party events require someone a bit more outrageous and loud - we can provide acts for these styles of events too!

Simply tell us about your event and we'll work with you to select the right kind of comedy for you.