What happens if I want to cancel or change the date of the event after I've paid?

We are happy to return your payment to you in full if you cancel your event with 30 days notice. We will not quibble or ask you to justify this.  If you want to give a reason for cancelling we'd love to know, especially if it's something that could help improve our service, but if you give 30 days notice, no matter what your reason (even if your budgie has died), we'll give you your money back. If you change the date, we'll attempt to re-book the same acts you chose where possible.

Terms & Conditions: (the not so small print)




If there is an exception to the 30 day notice period and we require a longer notice period, this will be reflected on the invoice 'deposit due by' date, and the below cancellation terms will not apply. This may often be the case with bigger, high profile acts.


If you cancel or change the date with less than 30 days notice, but more than 14 days, we will return up to a maximum of 50% of the full show fee to you  - we will pay acts a cancellation fee and deduct reasonable costs and return a portion of your deposit if possible. 


If you cancel or change the date  with less than 14 days notice then we will be unable to return any of your deposit, even if the circumstances are beyond your control.  If you are going to considerable expense, you should consider insurance to cover any out of pocket costs you may incur.

What happens if an act cancels on us?


We do our best to make sure this doesn't happen, but it is a possibility that an act will not be able to perform at your event, even after booking. We will work with you to agree a mutually satisfactory replacement for any cancelled acts.  If you are not happy with the replacements offered then we will refund you if the event is more than 30 days away.


If you cancel with less than 30 days notice, then we will need to pay the other acts a cancellation fee as described above.  You will receive a full refund in respect of the cancelled act, and a proportion as in the cancellation fees described above.


Normally we can work together to find a mutually agreeable replacement and let the show go on!  


In very rare circumstances an act can pull out with only a few hours to go - where this happens we will use our extensive contact list to find a suitable replacement.  In these extremely rare circumstances it may not always be possible to give you a wide range of choices for replacement.


We take all bookings on the understanding that all acts are booked in good faith (we are happy to pass on evidence of this in the event of short notice cancellation) and that we cannot accept liability for any of your costs should an act cancel at short notice. 


Where you are publicising an event, through posters or flyers, it is important that the publicity states that line ups may change due to unavoidable circumstances. 


If you are going to considerable expense then you should consider insuring the event to cover any costs due to cancellation.


Most of the time, all of the acts turn up to your event as scheduled - we do our best to only work with acts that we find to be reliable - we recognise that our reputation is at stake too!   Having said that, most of the time people are coming out for a night of entertainment - the names of the acts are often irrelevant to them, but they'll remember they had a good time and were entertained!

Late payments and disputes

We aim to make every event a success, but in very rare circumstances, something may go wrong.

In the unlikely event that there is a problem with our event or acts, you must raise any concerns with us within 7 days of the event taking place. 

This forms part of our terms and conditions with you and payment of any sum to us constitutes an agreement to this.


All agreements will be covered by English Law unless otherwise agreed.  


Over and beyond this, both parties have statutory obligations and rights under The ‘Late Payment of Commercial Debts Regulations 2013’