Setting up the perfect comedy night

Every event is unique, but there are some fundamental elements you need to get right to make sure you have a brilliant comedy night.  


Here we share with your our professional tips, how to set up your night to maximise the laughter and enjoyment for all.  


It might seem like these things aren't important, but we know from experience how much better a comedy night is likely to be with the right set up.  We want to support you having the best night possible, that's our job! 


Technical Equipment


If you're setting up a comedy night you'll need the following to creative the best atmosphere for laughter and a great night out:

  • Spotlight
  • A Quality Microphone (a good microphone costs around £100 - a karaoke style mic is usually not up to scratch and will make the sound distorted)
  • Microphone Stand
  • Stage or performance area
  • PA system or speakers to connect up to
  • Music player

Don't worry if you don't have all of these things - we can work around it, or supply you with the equipment you need.


Room Set up


Getting the right room set up for the show is a great help for the comedy show. 

  • Rows of seats in theatre style is preferred, rather than people at tables
  • Audience sat closely together, rather than spread apart
  • Audience close to the stage
  • Make sure food (if it is being served) has been finished before the show (have you tried laughing while your mouth is full of food!)?
  • Make sure audience are in darkness - they laugh more!  
  • Have some upbeat lively music playing pre-show and during the intervals
  • If your event is in a Pub or Club, it's best to have the comedy in a separate room, with as little background noise as possible.



Food & Drink


Serving food and drink as part of a comedy show can make the night a more attractive proposition for potential customers, so where you can offer a food package or buffet this should be considered.


However, you need to make sure the food and drink element doesn't interfere with the comedy: 

  • Make the bar available before the show and during the intervals, but close it (and make sure the audience knows it's going to be closed) during the show - this stops people getting up and down while the show is on.
  •  Where possible, food should always be served in plenty of time, long before the show starts - people can't laugh with their mouth full!   If you serve food during an interval it can break up the flow of the comedy show and often means the next acts don't do as well as they could.  Our advice is:  Get people fed, get the tables cleared and then get the comedy started!


We are happy to work around any proposed timings - this is just our advice on how to get the best out of your comedy show.